We believe in making property sales & rental viewings effortless

How it works


Agent & broker

Viewing Hub streamlines the viewing process. It’s an online platform that enables potential viewers to act fast when they see a property they like.

  • Increase viewings
  • Expediate sales
  • Virtual channel for your customers
  • Unlimited property calendars
  • Seamless intergration with external calendars
  • Easy-to-use and cost-effective

Estate agent & developer

Viewing Hub allows you to arrange and manage viewings seamlessly from one platform, freeing up you and your team for other essential sales and marketing tasks.

  • Increase sales revenue
  • Increase team efficiency
  • Unlimited users per branch
  • Cost effective platform
  • Optimise resources
  • Monitor team performance

Changing the way you book viewings for the better.


Who we are

Viewing Hub was created by a talented team of software developers, designers and estate agents.

That means we combine technical know-how with a great understanding of how your business works.

We designed Viewing Hub based on our own experience of arranging viewings. By managing this time-consuming task for you, Viewing Hub allows you to focus on other sales and marketing activities.

The thoughts behind Viewing Hub

We designed Viewing Hub around five core principles:



Our number one aim. Viewing Hub is designed to make the house sale and rental business easier, so we’ve created a straightforward and intuitive interface.



Viewing Hub makes arranging a visit easy for your customers or potential tenants, freeing you up and making it easy for them to pounce on that perfect property.


We understand the high costs of running an agency, so we’ve kept our price affordable. When you combine this with the admin time you save, it’s an obvious solution.


Customers like convenience. Viewing Hub can increase your conversion rate, turning page views into actual viewings.


You and your customers can use Viewing Hub on the go – and of course, as an automated booking system, it’s available 24/7.


We integrate seamlessly into your workflow.

google cal@2x
google cal@2x

Frequently asked questions

Can Viewing Hub be integrated with calendars?

Yes, Viewing Hub will seamlessly integrate with Google, Outlook and iOS.

Why Viewing Hub?

Viewing Hub was created by the perfect combination of software developers and estate agents. This means that we have both technical know-how and a great understanding of how your business works.

Can vendors use Viewing Hub?

Yes, we empower your vendors to manage their own property viewings. It is super-simple to get them set up on your account.